This is a list of our Class Descriptions. To view our Class Schedule, please click on the SCHEDULE tab above.

Power Vinyasa

This is a physically challenging class based on the principles of Power Vinyasa Yoga. This energizing practice offers a dynamic mix of sweat and spirit and is full of possibilities for both strength and surrender. We use ujjayi breath to focus and increase mental clarity, sun salutations and creative sequencing to build strength, and intention to tap into our inner power and greater consciousness. Be prepared to discover your best self...and to sweat! Class is heated to 85-90 degrees.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means "connecting movement with breath."  This invigorating practice will connect you to the wisdom, strength and grace of your body through creative sequencing. Sun Salutations warm the body and mindful breath focuses the mind. Explore this refreshing class to bring intention and balance into your life. Class is warmed to 75-78 degrees.

Gentle Yoga

In this gentle yoga practice, movements are synchronized with the breath, turning rigidity into fluidity. With the breath as our guide we "go with the flow". Periodic pauses are taken as we rest in a more passive pose (asana). The emphasis in this class is on de-stressing the body and mind. Gentle yoga is very therapeutic in nature and is appropriate for those wanting a more restful, restorative practice. Class is warmed to 73 degrees.

Hot Fusion

Hot Fusion combines the meditative and strengthening qualities of Hatha yoga with the breath and challenge of Vinyasa yoga. This heated, full-body workout promotes a cleansing sweat using standing poses, back strengthening, core work, and deep stretching. We hold poses a little longer to release physical and mental stress as we detoxify our bodies and minds. This class is taught with enough alignment instruction for beginners, while offering appropriate challenges for the more experienced practitioner. A great compliment to your Power Vinyasa practice! Class is heated to 100-105 degrees.

Power Hour

One hour of dynamic, energizing vinyasa yoga, similar to our Power Vinyasa, but just in one hour. This class will help rinse out toxins and peel away tension while quieting the mind. Class is heated to 85-90 degrees.

Advanced Asana

This is a hi-energy, challenging practice that will take you to a new edge! Great energy and a fabulous flow. Leave your fears and your worries at the door! Experience with vinyasa yoga required. This class is not for the beginning student. Class is heated to 75-80 degrees.

Vinyasa Yoga +Nidra

This class is an opportunity to experience the rejuvenating flow of vinyasa yoga and the restorative value of yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is an ancient practice that is intended to induce full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. The strong vinyasa flow combined with nidra at the end provides a relaxing close to this beautiful Sunday evening practice. Class is heated to 75-78 degrees.

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga will make you a better athlete! This yoga class will help you stretch and bring more balance to your workout regime. You will learn poses to lengthen and stretch all the major muscle groups, practice deep core work, and end class with some peaceful resting positions. You will learn how to apply yoga to your current workout routines. Intended for all levels of athletes. Pre-register to secure your spot! Class is heated to 80 degrees.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a yoga practice that is complimentary to all yoga practices, especially the more dynamic vinyasa yoga that is practiced at Yogabliss. Yin yoga uses long, passive holds to work on the deep, dense connective tissues of the body -the tendons, ligaments and cartilage- that are difficult to energize and open. This deep, passive practice settles you into poses for 3-10 minutes, bringing you inward. Yin yoga increases flexibility, especially in the spine and hips and is very restorative and rehabilitative for the joints and muscles. It also emphasizes stillness and silence, as it prepares both the body and the mind for deeper experiences in meditation. Class is heated to 75-78 degrees.

Yoga For Healing

Yoga for Healing will guide you on a journey of self-healing through the process of movement, breathing, relaxation and deep self inquiry. The student will learn yoga techniques for healthy movement, pain reduction, stress relief, immune support, and more. Guidance is given on how to apply techniques to daily life. The 10-student limit ensures that each student is given personal attention with adaptations of the exercises according to individual needs. You will come away from the class feeling stronger, more energetic, hopeful, focused and relaxed. Class is warmed to 73 degrees.

Junior Yoga

This class introduces juniors (ages 11-14) to the fundamentals of power vinyasa yoga in a fun, nurturing, and supportive environment. We will build strength, balance and flexibility; the perfect components for cross-training in the active lifestyle of our busy juniors. We will learn the importance of Ujjayi, or conscious breathing, in our practice and as a way to calm and center the mind. There will be time for questions, discussion and student involvement.